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Interdiction de roulage aux Hemmes de Marck

Gepubliceerd op 15 juni 2004 door

The Raid D?Hardelot took place a few weeks ago and circa 85 buggy pilotes from France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany , Netherlands and Great Britain took part to name a few. Due to unfavourable wind conditions the race was cancelled on the Saturday so a number of them went to Les Hemmes on Sunday to try and make the most of their weekend which is quite understandable.

On that specific Sunday was also taking place an official sand yacht race at les Hemmes with a proper course laid out accompagnied by 4X4 cars. Somme buggy pilotes decided to antagonise the sand yachts and 4x4s for a laugh during the race.

What is less funny is the severe consequences of their stupid behaviour. The president of the Sand Yacht club made a formal complaint at the Oye Plage town hall. As a direct result of these irresponsible pilotes 70% of the beach at Les Hemmes is going to be closed to buggies.

It is heart wrenching and infuriating for the local pilotes who have been riding at les Hemmes for a number of years to have to suffer the consequences of a small number of idiots when we have always enjoyed perfect cohabitation with the Sand Yacht club and local residents.

Those concerned are no longer welcome on our beaches.

A meeting is due to take place with the mayor of Oye Plage to finalise the details. These will be communicated when available. French and German versions of this text are available in this document.

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