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GP Windekind 2010

Published on 07 march 2010 by

After the Gluhwein Cup was cancelled because of the bad weather this was the first one of the 2010 season.
The forecast was 3-4 bf East wind. Lucky for the 9 riders this seemed to turn out to Nord-East so no offshore wind. Even the sun was shining all day and the ?day after? I noticed I should have used some sun-block.

After the inscription and the briefing we could start the 1st race. The wind was going up and down all the time so a right size of the size was important.

After a race from 30 min the pilots noticed that the cold water froze our hands and feet. The temperature was just above 0c.
This race was won by Jasper De Swert with Robert Smits on second. Due an early start, David Van Boven saw his 1st place disappear.

After a small heating moment in the sun out of the wind we were ready to start the 2nd race. The wind seemed to go down but short after the start it boosted back up to 4-5 bf.
We had to keep concentrated on our kites but the bikers and tourists on the track didn?t made this easy. They also enjoyed this nice day at the beach.
Jasper got the 1st place, followed by David on 2nd. 3r place was for Joost.

The wind kept his strength and we had briefing immediately. With a countdown of 20 minutes I changed my kite and started. The battle of the 1st place was between David and Jasper. With Robert in the lead on 3rd.
After 30 min, David finished on 1st place with a small lead on Jasper and Robert on 3rd.

Final stand:

01) Jasper De Swert
02) David Van Boven
03) Robert Smits
04) Joost Pelsers
05) Thibaud Brousse
06) Bert Carels
07) Ronny Winters
08) Guy De Rauw
09) Dirk Van Reusel

David van Boven

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