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European Championship Borkum

Published on 14 september 2013 by

Congratulations David with your silver medal from the European Championship at Borkum Germany. The other three Belgium pilots were placed in the final ranking on the 15th place for Julien Dietens, the 28th place for Joost Pelssers and our newcomer Maarten Miermans on the 41st place of 51 competing pilots. In the ranking of the nations, Belgium ended on the 4th place.

Top three for the men:
1 Malte Lutz ? Germany
2 David Van Boven ? Belgium
3 Stephen Schapman ? France

Top three for the women:
1 Eva Schlenker ? Germany
2 Emilie Ravaux ? France
3 Melina Hötzsch ? Germany

You?ll find the complete result on the website
Congratulations to all pilots en many thanks to all volunteers and the GPA for the organising of the event.

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